Do you want to talk to someone about your alcohol or drug use?

Are you concerned about a family member?

Our services are free, confidential and non-judgmental.
We will listen.
We will help you find the right support.

About Us

Our Alcohol and Drug services are located in the Inner East and Eastern Catchments. They are also available to people Statewide.

Our Partners

Our services can help with:

  • Learning about alcohol and/or drug use and working out what to do
  • Information and support for alcohol and/or drug use- including prescription drugs
  • Information and support for someone you care about
  • Information if you are not able to get your usual medications and would like to seek help.

Our Intake service provides Information and Referral to services including:

  • Information and Referral: Discuss your concerns and get the right supports
  • Assessments & Individual Treatment Plans: Get a plan for support that is right for you
  • Groups: Peer Groups and Family Support Groups
  • Counselling: Talk about how you feel and solve problems with a trained professional. Counselling is also available to families and carers
  • Care and Recovery Coordination: Extra Support- Someone to help you through your journey
  • Help with Withdrawal: Medical help to support you when you want to stop using alcohol or drugs.

Our Central Intake service provides a coordinated link to treatment that is offered across the region, including:

  • Information and Referral
  • Assessments & Individual Treatment Plans
  • Counselling
  • Care and Recovery Coordination: Supporting you through your journey
  • Non Residential Withdrawl and Outpatient Withdrawal
  • Addiction Medicine consultation: Specialist Pharmacotherapy Services
  • Mental Illness with Alcohol and/or Drug Use Support
  • Family Counselling and Youth Counselling
  • Groups, including Peer Programs

Our experienced clinicians understand making that first call for help is not easy. We work with people to get a better understanding of their concerns and treatment needs. We provide a range of support services and are here to support friends or family members concerned about a loved one if they want someone to talk to about the issues they are facing. People can contact us knowing they are speaking to clinicians who approach addiction issues with experience and understanding but without judgement.

Referring to alcohol or other drug services

Around the clock support for Melbourne's East

We can also provide free advice, support and services to family members, carers, partners or significant others

This service is provided by Inner East & Eastern of Alcohol and Drug Services (ECADS) and includes:

  • Eastern Health’s Turning Point
  • Access Community Health
  • Link Health & Community
  • Salvo Care Eastern
  • Inspiro Community Health Service and the;
  • Self Help Addiction Resource Centre, which provides Peer Programs.